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  • #StudentsHaveRights Video

    Know Your Rights

    Watch this client family tell their story of how Georgia Legal Services Program helped 13-year-old Mikia stay in school after administrative disciplinary measures gone wrong. Read More

    Georgia Legal Services Program®
  • Watch a Video Update about Katie Beckett Medicaid Eligibility

    Know Your Rights

    Katie Beckett is a Medicaid eligibility category that provides Medical Assistance coverage for certain children under age 19 who have long-term disabilities or complex medical needs and who live at home. Katie Beckett eligibility enables these children to be cared for at home instead of in an institution. With Katie Beckett, only the child's income and resources, not the parents', are taken into account during the application process. Content Detail

    Georgia Legal Services Program®
  • Georgia Learning Resources System

    Local Help

    The Georgia Learning Resources System has 17 centers across Georgia and each one has materials, such as books and videos, about disabilities. Content Detail

    Georgia Department of Education