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What to do When Utility Service is Disconnected

Loss of utility service is a particularly serious problem for older Americans, who can face serious illness or death from extreme weather conditions. The most frequent reason utility service is disconnected is for nonpayment of the bill. However, because utility service is such a practical necessity of modern life, there are often limits and procedural requirements placed on the ability of a utility to disconnect a customer.  This web page examines some measures that advocates for the elderly can take when an client is facing disconnection of utility service.

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How To Help Older Americans Avoid Loss Of Utility Services

This website provides key sources for assistance, strategies for becoming current on utility bills, and fighting a termination of services.

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Dealing with Utility Companies Regarding Disputed Bills and Utility Deposits

This web page will give you some suggestions about how to handle your disputes with your public utility companies about bills and utility deposits.

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