School Discipline in Georgia During Covid-19

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As students start back to school, there are things you should know about school discipline in the time of Covid-19.


Georgia has a compulsory school attendance law. Students between ages 6 and 16 must be enrolled in and attend school. This means that a school can discipline a student for staying home during the pandemic if the school is not offering distance learning.


There are alternatives if you do not wish to attend your zoned public school. Students can enroll in a private school, attend a charter school, attend a state virtual school, or homeschool.


A school cannot discipline students for telling others about the conditions at their school. Students have the right to speak up about what happens at school. But, students should not share the names of other children at school and should be very careful about taking and posting pictures of other students.


Students might be disciplined for taking pictures at school if it is against the school's code of conduct. Read the code of conduct carefully to understand the rules.


The school does not have to hold a disciplinary hearing unless the student gets more than a 10-day out of school suspension. If your student is disciplined or their rights are violated, you can get help.


Contact Georgia Legal Services at or Atlanta Legal Aid at to see if you qualify for help.


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Last Review and Update: Aug 14, 2020