Re-Applying for Public Benefits

Re-Applying for Benefits

If your benefits were denied, terminated or reduced and you don't agree with the DFCS decision, you can file a request for a fair hearing (an appeal).
However, you can also re-apply for those benefits. Sometimes new applications get processed faster than appeals.

Re-Apply Online

If you have internet access, the easiest way to re-apply is through COMPASS, Georgia's Common Point Of Access to Social Services.  To go to COMPASS, click HERE.

In your new application, make sure you take these steps:

  • Keep a copy of everything you submit to DFCS.
  • If you use the drop box, make sure that you put the documents in an envelope with your case number on it.
  • Never drop loose papers in the drop box.
  • Sign the log at the front desk to prove you were at the DFCS office.