Papers You Need to Apply for Medicaid (or PeachCare)

The following content is from the brochure, "Papers you need to apply for Medicaid (or PeachCare)," prepared by Georgia Legal Services.

Citizenship and Identity

If you are applying for Medicaid, you may need to show your County Department of Family and Children’s Services (DFCS) proof of citizenship or immigration status. You only have to show information for anyone in your household who wants Medicaid. (If you apply just for your children, you do not need to give DFCS this information on yourself.)


If you have a US passport, a Certificate of Naturalization, or a Certificate of Citizenship, it will prove both citizenship and identity. If you do not have one of those, you will need two separate documents to show citizenship and identity. 


For citizenship, you may use a birth certificate. DFCS may be able to find the birth certificate through Vital Records if you do not have a certified copy. You may request one yourself from the state of birth. Other documents might work if you cannot get a birth certificate such as an official military record, a final adoption decree, evidence of civil service employment or sometimes, a medical record. Ask DFCS. (A child who received Newborn Medicaid after February 8, 2006, does not have to prove citizenship.)


For identity, you may use a state driver’s license or picture voter ID card, a U.S. military card or draft record, ID issued by federal, state or local government with a photo or identifying information, a photo school ID card, or certain other items. 


To identify someone under age 16 who does not have an ID card, you may be able to use school or daycare records, a clinic, doctor or hospital record showing date of birth, or an affidavit signed by a parent or guardian if there is nothing else available. 


If you declare under penalty of perjury that you (or your children) are citizens or are legally in the U.S., and show you meet all other eligibility guidelines, DFCS must let you have Medicaid while you get the documents to prove citizenship.


Social Security Number

This is only required for the persons in the household who want Medicaid.



Income is amounts received by each person from all sources like wages, child support, unemployment benefits, Social Security, SSI, etc.


Give DFCS information on the source and amount of income for each person in your household. DFCS will want:

  • Check stubs or copies of checks showing the total gross amount (4 weeks of earnings)

  • Award letters for benefits

  • Written statement from the employer or other source of the income

If you cannot get the information, DFCS must help you. If you have tried but still cannot get proof, DFCS can accept your statement about the income. It may help if you write down each day how much you earned and who paid you.


For some types of Medicaid, DFCS may need information on your bank accounts, vehicles and other property. DFCS does not need this for child-only, pregnancy, or Breast and Cervical Cancer Medicaid.



Ask DFCS for help getting documents.


Keep copies of what you give DFCS, and get a receipt from the person who takes it. 


Keep notes with dates when you speak to a worker. If you have trouble reaching your worker, write down when you try and what happens.


If DFCS says you need something else, ask for a list.


Don’t give up! If you are turned down and think it is a mistake, or if you do not hear within 45 days, ask for a fair hearing right away.



Contact your local office of Georgia Legal Services, 1-800-498-9469



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Last Review and Update: Jul 14, 2015
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