Need Help Finding Rental Housing?

purpose is to provide information on the availability of affordable rental housing throughout the State in an Internet friendly environment. The Georgia Department of Community Affairs does not screen postings to this site and does not screen landlords and/or prospective tenants using this site. DCA has no way of independently verifying the information posted by a potential tenant or a landlord. More specifically, Users of this site are not screened by the Georgia Department of Community Affairs; Criminal background checks and/or reference checks are not done by DCA on site users; and, DCA has not inspected properties posted on this site and makes no warranties or representations as to the conditions of the site or the information posted. The rental of a housing unit, whether for money or for free, is a legal arrangement between the owner of the property and the tenant. Both the owner and the renter should always exercise your normal process of due diligence before entering into an agreement to rent a unit, either as the owner or the renter, or to provide shelter free of charge. Further information about Georgia's Fair Housing law can be found in the Landlord Tenant Handbook or by calling the Georgia Landlord Tenant Hotline at 1-800-369-4706.

Last Review and Update: Jan 31, 2006