Name Change Self-Help Packet for Adults

Authored By: Georgia Legal Services Program


Name Change for Adults

Print out each of these forms.

Use these forms if you are an adult and would like to change your name.

Some courts in Georgia may require different or additional forms.  Some courts may ask for specific language or words not used on these forms.

These forms are "fillable" PDF forms.  You cannot save anything you type on the forms.  You must print them out when you finish typing.

After you fill these out, you should speak with a lawyer before you file these papers. Only a lawyer can tell you how to fill out these forms.  Do not pay for help from someone who is not a lawyer.

A -- Petition for Name Change for an Adult
B -- Verification - Name Change for an Adult
C -- Notice - Name Change for an Adult
D -- Rule Nisi
E -- Objections - Name Change for an Adult
F -- Order - Name Change for an Adult
G -- Certificate of Name Change

Last Review and Update: Sep 19, 2013