Mobile Homes (Answers to Common Questions)

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I Rent a Land Lot on Which My Mobile Home Is Located. I Failed to Pay My Rent and My Landlord Obtained a Writ of Possession. What Do I Do?

Under Georgia Law, if a court issues a writ of possession for property on which the tenant has placed a mobile home, the tenant has ten days to move the mobile home off the property. If the tenant does not remove the mobile home within those ten days, the landlord can have the mobile home moved at the expense of the tenant. Whoever moves the mobile home can place a lien on the mobile home for the moving fees and storage charges. Georgia law limits the amount of storage fees that can be charged to $4.00 per day. The holder of the lien can foreclose on the mobile home to recover the cost of moving and storing the mobile home.

Susan Reif
Georgia Legal Services Program
Last Revised: December 2003


Last Review and Update: Nov 25, 2003