Medicaid Information for Long-term Care

Authored By: Georgia Department of Human Services

Several questions are normally asked as people begin to think about long-term care and Medicaid. Generally, those questions include: What other options are there to nursing homes? What does it take to become financially eligible for Medicaid? How much money and property can I have and still be eligible for Medicaid? Can I give away my money and property or some of it and still be eligible for Medicaid? Do I have to spend all of my money before I can become eligible for Medicaid? What will my spouse live on if I have to go into a nursing home on Medicaid? Who will pay for my burial if all of my money has to go to the nursing home? I promised to help send my grandchild to college; do the Medicaid rules prevent me from doing that?


Last Review and Update: Jul 14, 2015