FAQ: What can I do about loud neighbors?

Authored By: Georgia Legal Services Program® LSC Funded

FAQ: What can I do about loud neighbors?

My neighbors are constantly playing loud music. I no longer enjoy living in my apartment because of the constant noise? What can I do?  

The tenant should first contact the landlord and report the problem. The tenant may contact the police, if the neighbor's conduct would constitute disturbing the peace. If the conduct continues, the tenant needs to continue requesting that the landlord address the disturbing conduct. If the landlord refuses to address the problem, the tenant can ask to be released from the lease or transferred to another unit. A tenant has the right to be free from the conduct of other tenants which causes disruption, inconvenience, or damage. The neighbors' conduct must be considered disruptive to an ordinary, reasonable person. Therefore, tenants who are hypersensitive to noise or who have unreasonable expectations would have difficulty proving that the noise and activities complained of violate their right to use and enjoy their unit. This would be especially true if the noise and activities do not bother other tenants. Tenants who are using and enjoying their apartment in normal, everyday activities are not creating a nuisance.

Last Review and Update: Jul 25, 2011