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It is illegal for your landlord to evict you without a court order.

If there is no court order, you cannot be evicted even if you have not paid your rent.

If they do not file a court action your landlord cannot: change the locks, force you to move, or shut off utilities.

If your landlord comes to your home and demands that you leave but does not have a court order, you should stay calm and ask the landlord to leave. If the landlord refuses to leave, you can call your local non-emergency police line and report them as a trespasser.

When the police arrive, tell them you are a tenant and your landlord is trying to evict you without a court order. Show the police officer your lease or rent receipts. The police officer should tell them that they must leave the property or face charges for criminal trespass.

If your landlord is trying or has successfully evicted you without a court order, you should contact an attorney right away. You may have a legal claim against the landlord.

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