How to get a Dating Violence Protective Order in Georgia (video)




The law in Georgia has changed and survivors of dating violence are now able to file for protective orders against their abusers.

You can file for a dating violence protective order against a person:

  • who you are in a relationship with now, or
  • who you had a relationship with sometime in the last six months.

You can also file for an order against a person if one of you is currently pregnant by the other.

This is a civil process and is free.

The Georgia Supreme Court now has forms to help you file for an order of protection.

You can find these forms online at

If you are the victim of dating violence, you can file these forms on your own, but there are agencies available to help you.

Contact your local domestic violence agency for help. Find someone to help at or call the Georgia Family Violence Hotline at 1-800-334-2836 (800 33HAVEN) and get connected to an agency in your area.

Find more resources and information for survivors of dating and family violence on

Learn more at

Last Review and Update: Feb 16, 2022
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