Food Stamp Changes in Georgia During Covid-19 Crisis

Authored By: Atlanta Legal Aid Society, Inc. LSC Funded



Because of the Covid-19 Crisis, you may now be eligible for food stamps in Georgia.


If you are an adult without a child in your household and you were told you didn’t qualify for food stamps, you should reapply for SNAP benefits now.


The government has temporarily suspended the work requirements for adults without children.


If you were told that you could not get food stamps because you were not working or because you were over the three month time limit, you may be able to get them now.


Even if you were denied food stamps in the past, you should apply now: Online at Or by phone at (877) 423-4746


Because of the crisis, if you get SNAP benefits, you will receive the maximum benefits allowed for your family size in March and April.


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Last Review and Update: Jun 23, 2020