Evictions Stopped Under New CARES Act

Authored By: Atlanta Legal Aid Society, Inc. LSC Funded



The new federal CARES Act stops some landlords from filing evictions between March 27 and July 25.


Landlords covered under this law:

  • Cannot file for eviction if you do not pay your rent during this time, and
  • Cannot charge you any fees for not paying rent.


But, you can still be evicted if you break your lease in another way.


Your landlord cannot file an eviction for nonpayment if you live in federally subsidized housing.


The most common types of subsidized housing are:

  • Public housing,
  • The housing choice voucher program (section 8), and
  • Section 8 project-based housing.


You also cannot be evicted for not paying your rent if your landlord has a federally backed mortgage.


If your landlord does file an eviction case during this time, say in your answer that you live in subsidized housing or you believe your landlord has a federally backed mortgage.


If you are served with an eviction, contact a lawyer right away. Your county may have additional rules about evictions during this time.


Contact your local court if you have questions. Learn more at

Last Review and Update: Jun 23, 2020