Distance Caregiving

You have determined that an elderly loved one is in need of your assistance. Either this determination is based on observations of events that have occurred over a period of time or an illness or injury has occurred recently creating the need for immediate intervention and assistance. These are common situations that many must face. What makes it more difficult is that your loved one lives miles away; you are separated by cities, or possibly, states. Maybe you and that loved one, and other family members have discussed this possibility and plans are already in place; i.e., necessary preparations having already been made. It is, however, just as likely that this is one of those conversations that never took place. It may have been a fleeting thought pushed aside in hopes that it would never be necessary; or it may have been a subject always thought to be too difficult to approach. Whatever the case, if you now seek this information, perhaps this resource will be of some assistance in helping to formulate important questions, providing needed answers or pointing you in the direction needed to locate the type of assistance sought.


Last Review and Update: Aug 24, 2010