Child Support Calculators

Authored By: Georgia Child Support Commission


You can download the new calculator on the website for the Georgia Child Support Commission at:

The Child Support Calculator link will take you to several options:

  • Downloadable Electronic Worksheet, a/k/a Electronic Excel Worksheet (Standard Form).  
  • Downloadable Electronic Worksheet With Data Entry Form, a/k/a Electronic Excel Worksheet with Data Entry Form.  
  • Printable Worksheet for Hand Calculations, a/k/a Pen & Paper Standard Worksheet.
  • Pen & Ink E-Z Form Worksheet, a/k/a Pen & Paper EZ Worksheet.
    • ALERT!  This current version does not reflect some basic parts of the current child support guidelines.
      • For example, it does not allow the adjustment for pre-existing child support orders or for qualified children living in the home.  
      • It does not allow for any deviations (deviations may be less of a concern for most people).
      • The Calculator does allow for day care costs and health insurance costs to be included.
Last Review and Update: Oct 04, 2016