Basic Standards for Farmworker Housing

Authored By: Georgia Legal Services Program® LSC Funded
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Last Revised: August 2005


  • Site must be well-drained
  • No exposed sewage
  • Sanitary and free from garbage
  • Free from insects, rodents and other vermin


  • Protected from elements
  • Lighting in each habitable room
  • 50 sq. ft. for each person
  • In bedrooms, 7 ft. ceiling and 50 sq. ft.
  • Separate bedrooms if husband and wife have children over 6 years old
  • Concrete, wood, or asphalt floors which prevent entrance of ground or surface water
  • Windows that open for ventilation, or some other form of mechanized ventilation
  • Screens for all openings
  • No triple-deck bunk beds
  • Beds 3 feet apart and 1 foot off the floor


  • Garbage container adjacent to or within 100 feet from each dwelling unit
  • Empty garbage at least twice each week, and when full


  • Functioning sewer system
  • 1 toilet for each 15 occupants
  • Adequate toilet paper
  • Toilet area should be well-lighted and well-ventilated
  • Clean area


  • 1 shower for every 10-15 persons
  • Adequate amount of hot and cold water


  • 1 stove for each 10 persons
  • Sanitary facilities for storing and preparing food


  • Adequate and convenient supply of water safe for drinking


  • Adequate hot and cold running water
  • 1 laundry tub or machine for each 25 to 30 occupants
  • Safe floors with drains

Dawson Morton
Georgia Legal Services Program
Last Revised: August 2005

Last Review and Update: Aug 23, 2005