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Applying for Medicaid During Covid-19 (video)

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During the Covid-19 crisis you can only apply for Medicaid online at or by phone at (877) 423-4746.

If you are supposed to renew or recertify your Medicaid benefits in March or April, this deadline has been extended by four months.

You do not have to submit your renewal in March or April even if you got a notification telling you that you needed to.

You may be eligible for Medicaid if you have a low income and you: Are pregnant, Are under age 19, Are 65 or older, Have a disability, Need nursing home care, Get TANF or SSI (or are eligible for those benefits), or Were in foster care when you turned 18 and are now under age 26.

Even if your income is not very low, you may also be eligible if you:

  • Have breast or cervical cancer, or
  • You have medical bills and are over the income limits, but are Pregnant, Under 19, 65 or older, Blind, or Disabled.

Your child may be eligible under the Katie Beckett program no matter what your income is if they are disabled and require an institutional level of care. If your child does not qualify for Medicaid, they may be eligible for Peachcare for Kids.

Visit the Georgia Medicaid website at for more information. Learn more at

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