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Disabled Children (1)+

  • Education-Related Information for Children and Adults with Disabilities

    Find education-related information from the Federal government for people with disabilities from this section of the web site, including: Adult Education and Literacy, Higher Education, Early Childhood and Elementary Education, Educational Rights, Middle and High School, Parent Resources, Research & Statistics, School to Work, Special Education, and Infants and Toddlers. Content Detail

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Educational Rights (6)+

Other Helpful Information (2)+

  • Access to Education

    A school must allow the child to go to school for 30 days while waiting for proof of age, residence, or other requirements. The school may give more time for special reasons. The family and not the school should make the decision about the type of relationship that helps the family. Read More

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  • - Student Gateway to the U.S. Government

    This Federal government website contains links to information about how to plan and pay for your education, career development, community service, military service and resources about how the Federal government works. Content Detail

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School Discipline (1)+

Know Your Rights Articles (1)+

  • Rights and Responsibilities of Parents and Students in Public Schools

    One of the most important things you can do for your children is to be involved in their education. You need to know the school principal and your child's teachers, so you can discuss your child's progress. You need to know the school's rules and what the school expects from parents and students. You also need to know the school's procedures and your rights in case a problem arises. This document discusses those rights and procedures. Content Detail

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