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Consumer Protection (1)+

Georgia Legislation and Resources (3)+

  • Georgia Code (Unannotated)

    This web site allows you to search the Georgia Code (the legal statutes of Georgia) by word or by Code section (if you know the number of the section you would like to pull up). The Statutes posted are current through the 2001 Regular Session of the General Assembly. However, the Statutes posted from the 2001 Regular Session may not yet be in effect. Users of this service should note that the effective date of the Statutes are not listed on this service and are advised to verify the effective date of any Statutes posted on this Web Site. Any person or entity who relies on information obtained solely from this Site does so at his or her own risk. Content Detail

  • Georgia Law Links Web Site

    Web links to hundreds of legal resources including reference libraries with cases, codes, and court decisions, attorney listings, government agencies and resources, legal associations and organizations, law student resources, listings for experts and consultants, legal office supplies, legal news organizations, and legal forms. Content Detail

  • Tort Reform and You the Consumer

    How tort reform legislation effects you as a consumer Content Detail

    The National Consumer Voice

Background of Federal Law (1)+

  • Sources of Law

    This document provides an introduction to different sources for the law, answering the following questions: This document tells you the following: Where do laws come from? Who makes laws? Can laws ever be changed? What are constitutional laws? What are statutory laws? What are the limits on lawmaking powers? What are case laws? This document is excerpted from An Introduction to Law in Georgia, Fourth Edition, published by the Carl Vinson Institute of Government, 1998 (updated 2004). Read More

    Carl Vinson Institute of Government, University of Georgia
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