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Know Your Rights Articles (3)+

  • Diadela Mujer Latina

    The mission of Día de la Mujer Latina, Inc. is to promote health awareness to the under served Latino community by providing an ethnic-specific education; a culturally appropriate setting for early detection screening and prevention care; and resource information for follow-up services. Content Detail

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  • Farmworker Occupational Health Fact Sheet

    The agriculture industry is consistently one of the most dangerous industries in which to work in the United States. The occupational safety risks involved in farm labor are numerous and can include exposure to pesticides, skin disorders, infectious diseases, lung problems, hearing and vision disorders, and strained muscles and bones Because of their general lack of access to quality medical care, these risks are even greater for the 2.5 million migrant and seasonal farm workers who work in the fields every year. Content Detail

    National Center for Farmworker Health
  • Guide to Immigrant Eligibility for Federal Programs

    This table indicates what kinds of federal benefits (food stamps, medicaid, medicare, etc.) are available to immigrants based on their immigration status. For more information on Medicaid available to immigrants see THIS MAP: For more information on Emergency Medicaid available to immigrants see THIS MAP: Content Detail

    National Conference of State Legislatures