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Repairs in Rental Housing (4)+

  • FAQ: Does a landlord have to make repairs?

    Landlords are responsible for keeping their rental property in good repair. If the condition of the rental property changes from its condition at the time the tenant moved-in, the landlord must repair the structure or thing to its original condition. Even if you do not have a written lease your landlord is obligated under state law to make repairs. Any lease provision which makes the tenant responsible for repairs is challengeable under Georgia law. A landlord is also responsible for meeting all local ordinances and minimum safety standards. Content Detail

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  • Petition to Proceed in Forma Pauperis in Magistrate Court (Petition to Waive Filing Fees)

    Use this fillable-PDF form to ask the clerk and judge to allow you to file your pleadings in Magistrate Court in Georgia without having to pay fees. The judge has discretion in reviewing this request from you. This is an affidavit. You must always be truthful with the court. The judge may deny your request, so be prepared to pay filing fees if that should happen. Content Detail

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  • Tenants' Rights

    As a tenant, you have rights, but you also have responsibilities. For your own protection, there are some things you need to do before you even sign the lease, while you are renting and when you move out. There are also things you need to know if your landlord tries to evict you. Read More

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  • Water and Electric Service in Rental Property

    This document answers common questions about utilities charges and services in connection with rented property. Read More

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