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Know Your Rights Articles (6)+

  • Consumer Credit Counseling Services Web Site

    Consumer Credit Counseling Services provides budget counseling, educational programs, debt management assistance and housing counseling. Counseling is available online, by telephone, and in person - in Spanish and in English. Content Detail

    Consumer Credit Counseling Services
  • Foreclosure Rescue Scams

    This website discusses foreclosure scams that disproportionately targets older Americans. Content Detail

    National Consumer Law Center
  • Homeownership Preservation Foundation

    The Homeownership Preservation Foundation is a non-profit that operates a free 24-hour helpline for people with mortage problems. The phone number is 1-888-995-4673 and the helpline is staffed by HUD-approved counselors. Content Detail

  • Steps That Advocates Can Take To Help Prevent Foreclosure

    Older homeowners fall behind on their mortgages for many reasons: sudden decreases in income due to the loss of a spouse; poor financial management which contributes to nonpayment of utility bills, service shutoffs and liens against the property; failure to perform necessary repairs and maintenance which make the property uninhabitable; second mortgage scams which make impossible demands on the homeowner's limited resources. All of these contributing factors can be addressed by skilled advocates -- if homeowners turn to them in time. This issue of Consumer Concerns for Older Americans examines some of the measures that legal and non-legal advocates for the elderly can take to defend homeowners at risk of foreclosure. Content Detail

    National Consumer Law Center
  • The Making Home Affordable Program

    Find out if you qualify for the new Making Home Affordable Refinance and Modification options. The Making Home Affordable program will offer assistance to as many as 7 to 9 million homeowners making a good-faith effort to make their mortgage payments, while attempting to prevent the destructive impact of foreclosures on families and communities. Content Detail