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Choosing a Nursing Home (1)+

  • Medicaid Information for Long-term Care

    Several questions are normally asked as people begin to think about long-term care and Medicaid. Generally, those questions include: What other options are there to nursing homes? What does it take to become financially eligible for Medicaid? How much money and property can I have and still be eligible for Medicaid? Can I give away my money and property or some of it and still be eligible for Medicaid? Do I have to spend all of my money before I can become eligible for Medicaid? What will my spouse live on if I have to go into a nursing home on Medicaid? Who will pay for my burial if all of my money has to go to the nursing home? I promised to help send my grandchild to college; do the Medicaid rules prevent me from doing that? Content Detail

    Georgia Department of Human Services

Government Benefit Calculators (1)+

Issues with Medicaid and Medicare (1)+

  • Medicare Hospice Benefits

    Hospice is a special way of caring for people who have a terminal illness. This booklet explains (1) the hospice program and who is eligible, (2) your Medicare hospice benefits, (3) how to find a hospice program, and (4) where you can get more help. The document is in PDF format. Content Detail

    Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services

Paying for Nursing Home Care (1)+

  • You Can Keep Your Own Home and Still Get Medicaid!

    That's right! You do not have to give away your home in order to be eligible for Medicaid. In fact, giving your home away could cause you to be disqualified from receiving Medicaid. Although you may keep your home for as long as you or your spouse are alive, the state may put a lien on your home so it can recover its costs from your estate unless certain exemptions apply. Content Detail

    Georgia Legal Services Program®
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Trusts and End of Life Planning (3)+