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Children and Domestic Violence (1)+

Domestic Violence (3)+

  • General Information On Domestic Violence

    These are fact sheets and other sources that provide statistics and general information on domestic violence in Georgia and across the nation and lists hotline numbers and other resources available to help victims of domestic violence. Read More

    Governor's Office for Children and Families
  • Protective Orders

    What you need to know about Temporary Protective Orders. A temporary protective order (TPO) is a document issued by a court to help protect you from someone who is abusing, threatening or harassing you. The order will require the abuser to stay a certain distance away from you, your home and your work. The abuser will be prohibited from contacting you in person, by email, by telephone, by mail and through a third party. The court can also order the abuser to stay away from your children if the court feels the abuser poses a risk to your children. These sources will walk you through the process for getting a Temporary Protective Order from the court. Read More

    Atlanta Legal Aid Society Inc
  • Safety Information For Domestic Violence

    These are websites and PDFs with tips on how to stay safe for you and your children. Read More

    Atlanta Legal Aid Society Inc

Protective Orders (1)+

Rights and Benefits (1)+

  • Housing , Economics, Unemployment, and Domestic Violence

    Did You Know? (1) A victim of family violence should not be denied housing or evicted from subsidized housing just because of family violence. (2) Georgia has several public housing and housing assistance programs. (3) Shelter groups at the l-800-33HAVEN statewide hotline number can advise you about emergency family violence shelters near you. (4) Some shelters and non-profit agencies in your area may also have transitional housing available. Read More

    Georgia Legal Services Program®
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Sexual Assault and Stalking (1)+

  • Stalking Information

    This document contains answers to questions many people have about stalking and the legal rights and protections you have against stalkers. Read More

    Atlanta Legal Aid Society Inc