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After A Disaster (3)+

  • Be Prepared: Be Ready for a Disaster

    Keep important documents, cash, and other paperwork close by for an emergency in case you have to leave your home and can't return quickly. Read More

    Georgia Legal Services Program®
  • Disaster Unemployment Insurance

    People who are not eligible for regular unemployment benefits, like small business owners, self-employed persons, persons working on commission, farmers, farmworkers, and loggers, may be eligible. People who have been injured and are not able to seek work may also be eligible for disaster unemployment benefits. People who are not able to reach their workplace may be eligible. Read More

    Georgia Legal Services Program®
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  • Help with Federal Taxes as a Result of Hurricane Michael - Deadline Extensions

    The IRS extended deadlines that apply to filing returns, paying taxes, and performing certain other time-sensitive acts for certain taxpayers affected by Hurricane Michael in Georgia. Read More

Loans (2)+

  • Fact Sheet about Small Business Administration Disaster Loans

    In the wake of hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, wildfires, tornados and other physical disasters, the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) plays a major role. SBA's disaster loans are the primary form of Federal assistance for nonfarm, private sector disaster losses. For this reason, the disaster loan program is the only form of SBA assistance not limited to small businesses. Disaster loans from SBA help homeowners, renters, businesses of all sizes and nonprofit organizations fund rebuilding. SBA's disaster loans are a critical source of economic stimulation in disaster ravaged communities, helping to spur employment and stabilize tax bases. Read More

    Small Business Administration
  • Financial Help After a Disaster for Older Georgians

    If you are an older person who has been affected by a disaster, health problems or a limited income may make it more difficult for you to recover. Three Federal agencies, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), the Small Business Administration (SBA) and the Administration on Aging (AoA) are working together to assist you. Read More

    Federal Emergency Management Agency, Agencies on Aging, Small Business Administration

Other Information (1)+