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  • Victims' Rights

    Victims have many more rights than they once did. However, there are many variations in state law. Model legislation has been proposed for a uniform victims' rights act, which each state would have the option of adopting. This site contains more information about victims' rights. Content Detail

    The National Center for Victims of Crime
  • When your Child is Missing: A Family Survival Guide

    This Guide was written by parents and family members who have experienced the disappearance of a child. It contains their combined advice concerning what you can expect when your child is missing, what you can do, and where you can go for help. It explains the role that various agencies and organizations play in the search for your missing child and discusses some of the important issues that you and your family need to consider. The first checklist, What You Should Do When Your Child Is First Missing, summarizes the most critical steps that parents should take when their child is first missing, including whom to call, what to do to preserve evidence, and where to turn for help. Content Detail

    Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention
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