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Know Your Rights Articles (4)+

  • Background Checks: What Job Applicants and Employees Should Know

    The new brochure, Background Checks: What Employers Need to Know, offers nuts-and-bolts guidance from the two agencies when employers consider the background of applicants and employees in hiring, retention, promotion, and reassignment. > Questions About Your Background > Background Reports > If the Employer Finds Something Negative in Your Background > Where to Go For Help Content Detail

    Federal Trade Commission (FTC)
  • General Frequently Asked Questions about Criminal History

    Frequently-asked questions about criminal history and criminal records in Georgia. Content Detail

    Georgia Justice Project
  • Getting Your Criminal History Records

    This web page answers common questions about criminal history records, such as: (1) How can I obtain a copy of my Georgia criminal history record? (2) What information is contained in a Georgia criminal history record? (3) Can I obtain a Georgia criminal history record of another person? (4) How do I obtain a Georgia criminal history record check from GCIC for employment, licensing, or visa (travel) purposes? (5) How do I request a correction or update of my Georgia criminal history record? (6) How do I contest the information contained in my Georgia criminal history record if it is inaccurate or if my identity has been used in another individual's criminal history record? Content Detail

    Georgia Bureau of Investigation
  • Learn about Criminal Records in Georgia

    There are two kinds of ways to deal with your criminal record in Georgia: 1) Criminal records restrictions ("expungement") and 2) pardon. Expungement is permitted only when charges are dismissed or are not prosecuted, or the individual was convicted of certain misdemeanor offenses before they were 21 years old. Content Detail

    Georgia Justice Project