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Know Your Rights Articles (3)+

  • Georgia Justice Project, Inc.

    The Georgia Justice Project, Inc. provides legal support and social services to persons who have been arrested. There is an extensive interview process, but the program offers long-term support and aid Content Detail

  • Parole Process in Georgia

    Except for those offenders sentenced to death, to life without parole, or convicted under “two-strikes” legislation (see below), Georgia inmates are entitled by law to a consideration for parole. Eligible inmates are automatically considered for parole, regardless of appeals or other legal action by the inmate or his or her representative. The earliest point during their confinement when they may be granted clemency is their parole eligibility date. Content Detail

    Board of Pardons and Paroles
  • The Parole Handbook: A Guide to the Parole Consideration Process for Families of People in Prison

    Georgians for Equal Justice wrote this handbook to help people in prison and their families get the information they need, in a way they can understand, from a source that cares about the basic human rights of every Georgia prisoner and his or her family. It is hoped that this handbook will help all people who are considered for parole and their family members had better understand the current parole process. It is also hoped that this handbook will be a first step toward changing the balance of power between a state agency that has ultimate control over the lives of hundreds of thousands citizens, and the citizens themselves. Content Detail

    Southern Center for Human Rights