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Basics of Child Support (3)+

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  • Basic Rights of Parents

    This document discusses the basic of rights of parents under the law, excerpted from An Introduction to Law in Georgia, Fourth Edition, published by the Carl Vinson Institute of Government, 1998 (updated 2004). Read More

    Carl Vinson Institute
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  • Clayton County Family Law Information Program Forms

    These forms are for people who want to represent themselved in a family law case in Clayton County Superior Court Read More

  • Pauper's Affidavit (Request to File without Paying Fees)

    The Pauper's Affidavit, also known as a "pauperis" affidavit, can be filed by very low-income persons to avoid paying filing fees to the court. Usually the judge will review the affidavit and make a decision about whether you have to pay fees or not. If you file this affidavit, you must be ready to respond to the judge about your income. Read More

    Georgia Legal Services Program®
  • Pro Se Petition for Release from Incarceration for Child Support Debt

    The attached petition may be used by indigent parents who have been jailed for nonpayment of child support debt following civil child support contempt proceedings initiated by the Georgia Department of Human Services (DHS). Read More

    Southern Center for Human Rights
  • What to Do if You Are Sued

    This video provides basic information about what to do if you are sued. It briefly reviews the paperwork involved in a lawsuit and the different ways a case can be resolved. Read More