Georgia Foreclosure

  • Foreclosure is a legal process that allows your lender to sell your house and use the money to pay back the loan.
  • Georgia is a non - judicial foreclosure state. If you are in default on your loan, the bank does not have to file a court case to foreclose.
  • To foreclose the lender only has follow special rules to notify you.
    • They must send you 30 days notice by certified mail and
    • Place an ad for the sale of your home for 4 weeks.
  • If the bank has started the foreclosure process get a lawyer as soon as possible. You may have options to keep your home or stop the foreclosure. 
  • Once a foreclosure happens, the new owner will still need to go through the eviction process before you are required to move.

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Get Help Paying Your Mortgage

Money for mortgage or housing expenses may be available for Georgia homeowners who suffered a pandemic hardship.

  • Find the program requirements and apply online at
  • Applications may take awhile to process, so reach out to your lender if you need immediate help. 
  • If you have a foreclosure sale date, contact the Department of Community Affairs at

Search Directory for Help

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Find Legal Help

Atlanta Legal Aid Society, Inc.
To apply call (404) 524-5811 or apply online

Georgia Legal Services
(404) 206-5175 or toll free 1-800-498-9469 or apply online

Georgia Senior Legal Aid

Atlanta Volunteer Lawyers Foundation
To apply call (404) 521-0790, Monday through Thursday from 9 am - 1 pm

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