Extended Stay Evictions (video)




If you are living in a hotel or extended stay motel, you may have protections against being set out.

If you are being set out because you did not pay rent, if the hotel is your home, they should still go through the formal eviction process.

If your hotel manager tells you that you have to leave, stay calm. Call Atlanta Legal Aid or Georgia Legal Services right away for advice.

Don't wait until the manager is there to set you out, instead call as soon as you get notice that you are going to have to leave.

If the police come and say you are trespassing, tell them you are a tenant and the hotel is trying to put you out without an eviction order.

If the officers still say you have to leave, get their names and information and leave quietly- it is not worth getting arrested.

Make sure to grab important papers, personal items, and your medicines.

If a hotel is your home, you may have rights. If you are being forced to leave, talk to an attorney as soon as possible.

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Last Review and Update: Jun 23, 2020
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