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Asistencia de Salud para Niños

  • GeorgiaCares - Health Insurance Counseling for the Elderly

    GeorgiaCares is deisgned to educate and help seniors apply for all available low cost prescription drug assistance programs. Trained volunteer counselors help Medicare beneficiaries sort through the complexities of Medicare and related health insurance concerns. Call GeorgiaCares at Call 1-800-669-8387 for (1) information about low cost prescription assistance programs, health insurance, managed care, long term care insurance, Medigap (Medical Supplemental Insurance), Medicare savings program, and (2) Help with applying for all low cost prescription assistance programs, understanding your rights as a Medicare beneficiary, analyzing your Medicare Summary Notice, comparing and evaluating health insurance and managed care plans, sorting through medical bills and assistance filing medical claims, (3) assistance with complicated Medicare problems, (4) referrals to other appropriate agencies, (5) community education, and (6) counseling in person and by phone. Detalle de contenido

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