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There are several court-based self-help and legal information centers in Georgia.

These court-based centers are open to the general public.  They provide legal forms or forms packets and instructions that help people deal with legal problems when they either can’t find a lawyer who handles their type of legal matter or who can’t afford legal services.

The centers that offer forms packets usually also provide the local rules of the court that you must follow.

The self-help centers often provide computer and internet access for basic research.  These court help centers may provide a list of lawyers who are interested in providing legal services.  The centers offer the pleadings packets to the public at no charge or for a very nominal copying charge.

If you do not live in a county served by a court-based self help center, the forms still may be of some use to you.  You should check with your local superior court clerk to determine if the forms are permitted in your local court.  Georgia does not have a unified court system, and that means that each court may require unique forms or special language in pleadings.

Here is a list of the court-based self-help centers in Georgia as of April 2016:

Georgia County | Law Information Center Website

ALERT:  While you can access these court center resources from anywhere in the world, these self-help resources and online forms are for use only in Georgia courts and should not be used outside Georgia.

[Updated 4/2016]

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