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  • Are You about to Make an Important Purchse? Check out this Consumer Complaint Database First.

    Consumer complaints are listed here after the company responds or after they have had the complaint for 15 calendar days, whichever comes first. Content Detail

    Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
  • Basic Debt Collection and Consumer Protection in Georgia

    This document describes the law relating to debt collection and basic consumer protection laws, answering the following questions: Why do you need to understand your contract before signing it? How can creditors collect debts? How can consumers protect themselves? The document is an excerpt from An Introduction to Law in Georgia, Fourth Edition, published by the Carl Vinson Institute of Government, 1998 (updated 2004). Read More

    Carl Vinson Institute
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  • Buying A Used Car

    Buying a used car can be a good deal or a costly mistake. Make sure you are getting a car that is in good condition and fits within your budget. Otherwise, you may be stuck paying for a broken down car. This shows what to do at each step in the car buying process. Content Detail

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  • Can Bankruptcy Help Me Save My Car?

    Information for Georgia consumers about the automatic stay, the difference between chapter 7 and chapter 13, and whether bankruptcy will help you save your car. Content Detail

  • Can Bankruptcy Help Me Save My House?

    Information for Georgia homeowners about the automatic stay, the difference between chapter 7 and chapter 13, and other options you might have to save your home. Content Detail

  • Car Loans: Understanding Vehicle Financing

    Understanding Vehicle Financing With prices averaging more than $20,000 for a new vehicle and $9,500 for a four-year-old vehicle, most consumers need financing or leasing to acquire a vehicle. In some cases, buyers use “direct lending:” they obtain a loan directly from a finance company, bank or credit union. In direct lending, a buyer agrees to pay the amount financed, plus an agreed-upon finance charge, over a period of time. Once a buyer and a vehicle dealership enter into a contract and the buyer agrees to a vehicle price, the buyer uses the loan proceeds from the direct lender to pay the dealership for the vehicle. Use this web site to find out more about car loans. Content Detail

    Federal Trade Commission
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  • Is Bankruptcy Right for You?

    Answers to some questions that many people might ask when considering whether to file for bankruptcy protection. Read More

  • Privacy: Tips for Protecting Your Personal Information

    Every day you share personal information about yourself with others. It's so routine that you may not even realize you're doing it. You may write a check at the grocery store, charge tickets to a ball game, rent a car, mail your tax returns, buy a gift online, call home on your cell phone, schedule a doctor's appointment or apply for a credit card. Each transaction requires you to share personal information: your bank and credit card account numbers; your income; your Social Security number (SSN); or your name, address and phone numbers. Content Detail

    The Federal Trade Commission
  • Questions about Family Consumer Debt Problems

    This web page helps you understand your rights in connection with creditors. Read More

  • Schemes to Cheat the Unwary Homeowner

    If you are like most homeowners, your house is your most valuable investment. As a homeowner you have to be very careful to protect your investment or you may become the victim of schemes to steal your money, your equity, or even your house. This brochure will help you recognize equity theft and title conversion scams and avoid them. Content Detail

  • Using Credit Cards

    Information on using credit wisely Content Detail

    Georgia Appleseed
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  • What to Do if You Are Sued

    This video provides basic information about what to do if you are sued. It briefly reviews the paperwork involved in a lawsuit and the different ways a case can be resolved. Read More