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You are a debtor if you have: 

  • borrowed money to buy a house or a car
  • used a credit card to purchase items OR
  • owe money for medical treatment or for a personal loan

Your creditor is the person or company that lent you money.  If you fall behind on your payment, your creditor might hire a collection agency to help collect the money from you.

As a debtor, you have both rights and responsibilities.

Search Directory for Help

Find an organization that can help with money issues like debt or bankruptcy

Talk to a Credit Counselor

A credit counselor can help you manage your money problems. Find free or low-cost accredited counselors at:

Find Legal Help

Atlanta Legal Aid Society, Inc.
To apply call (404) 524-5811 or apply online

Georgia Legal Services
(404) 206-5175 or toll free 1-800-498-9469 or apply online

Georgia Senior Legal Aid

Atlanta Volunteer Lawyers Foundation
To apply call (404) 521-0790, Monday through Thursday from 9 am - 1 pm

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