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Brochure on the Foreclosure Process

This brochure discusses the basic steps involved in the foreclosure process in Georgia and what to expect.

Can Bankruptcy Help Me Save My House?

Information for Georgia homeowners about the automatic stay, the difference between chapter 7 and chapter 13, and other options you might have to save your home.

Facing Foreclosure?

This flyer gives gives basic information on the foreclosure process in Georgia.

Housing for Caregivers

Read this flyer to understand your housing rights when you do not have legal custody for a child living in your home.

How to answer a dispossessory

This document provides information on how to answer a dispossessory warrant. 

How to answer an eviction warrant

This document provides information how to answer an eviction/dispossessory warrant.

How to appeal from a magistrate court dispossessory

This document describes the appeal process and its requirements if you lose a magistrate court dispossessory case.

How to Avoid Foreclosure and Keep Your Home

This document provides ten (10) important steps to take if you have fallen behind in your home mortgage payments.

Security Deposits Brochure

This document answers common questions about security deposits.

Struggling to Pay Your Mortgage?

This document helps explore the options available when you are at the risk of foreclosure.

Tenants Rights Brochure

Read this brochure to learn about your rights as a tenant.

Thinking About Buying a Home?

This document provides information on how to identify and avoid scams when buying a home.

Thinking About Selling Your Home?

This flyer helps you to identify and avoid scams when selling your home.

What you should know about the CARES Act

Read to learn about evictions and the CARES Act.

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