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Forms and Tool Kits

  • Georgia Environmental Action Network

    The Georgia Environmental Action Network (GEAN) is a collaborative effort among environmental and conservation organizations throughout the state to educate and mobilize their memberships utilizing a state-of-the-art electronic action alert system. This system provides the conservation community with a powerful means for getting their collaborative message out to elected officials, administrative decision makers, and leaders in big business and industry. GEAN's constituent matching system separates this system from other list serves and action networks. Studies show that public officials pay closer attention to faxed or emailed letters from constituents whose names and addresses are included in the document than they do regular mass email messages. GEAN automatically matches you to your voting districts, includes your contact information and delivers each letter to your elected officials ? all with one mouse click! Content Detail

    Georgia Environmental Action Network
  • Tools for Communities to Monitor Chemicals

    This section of the Coming Clean web site is designed to provide brief overviews of selected communities that have documented toxic contamination through testing. Additional examples of body burden monitoring and environmental testing in communities will be added as case studies are gathered. In each case study, we will describe the problem, the type of monitoring done, and the community's experience with the testing process - including how effective the process was in achieving positive changes. Content Detail

    Coming Clean
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  • Georgia River Network Resources and Tools

    This web site contains (1) Resources & Tools for Organizational Development (Fundraising, By-Laws, Incorporation & 501(c)3, Membership, Meetings, Staff and other Useful Links) and (2) Resources & Tools for Watershed Protection (Watershed Management, Media Relations, Lobbying, Outreach, and Social Marketing) Content Detail

    Georgia River Network
  • NRDC's Earth Action Center

    Welcome to NRDC's Earth Action Center! Here you'll find all the tools, tips and information you need to help protect the earth's extraordinary wealth of natural treasures. Content Detail

    Natural Resource Defense Council
  • Report a Problem on the Upper Chattahoochee

    For more than ten years, Upper Chattahoochee Riverkeeper (UCR) has helped people in the Chattahoochee watershed learn how to resolve stream and river-related problems in their communities. By reporting problems, you can take an active and important role in preserving our vital water resources. When one person asks a question, many people are helped in the end, and your example can lead others to exercise their rights to have clean water and protected property values. This site will help you take action to report a problem. Content Detail

    Upper Chattahoochee Riverkeeper
  • Water Resources Toolkit

    The kit provides information and resources to help civic leaders educate their communities about water quality and conservation issues. The information in the kit concentrates upon an individual's responsibility for water quality and conservation. Content Detail

    Georgia Department of Community Affairs